Announcement: On July 6th I formally announced my candidacy for Arkansas State Auditor!

Note from Regina

If you elect me to be your next Auditor, I will openly provide to the public that trustworthiness is the business of the Auditor’s Office.  I will set the standards for the office and work to exceed standards to provide exceptional service to the public, state agencies, employees of the three branches of state government, county and circuit clerks, treasurers, and collectors.  Because of my 12 years’ employment in the Auditor’s Office, this office is not new to me.

Having that advantage, I personally know how to increase success within each department.  One factor is my working relationship with each manager and each department which will cement my working foundation.  I will ask each to share information and new ideas and will review his or her viewpoints as a means to enhance each department’s continual improvement and ensure the most efficiency of the Auditor’s Office.

The Auditor’s Office does much more than the normal requirement of being the state’s accountant and balancing records.  It is an office which also cares about Arkansans. I would like to prove to you, the people of Arkansas, that my years’ of work experience in the Auditor’s Office does matter.